Six Short Documentaries: (Post Production)/ 7 min each/2014/HD/Colour/English and Telugu languages) Scripted and Directed; Produced by Andhra Pradesh Mahila Samatha Society (APMSS), the films focus on specific interventions of the organisation in matters relating to legal, economic and social issues of rural women. Click for more info

A Season of Love - 51 min. / Colour / High Definition / 2013/ English / (Scripted, directed and produced); a documentary about migratory birds visiting villages on the coast of Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh and the unique bond the community shares with the birds. Click for more info

Prerana - 33 min. / Colour/ Digital Video/ 2012/ English & Telugu languages / Scripted and directed; a documentary about the mobilisation process of children, especially, girls, to schools in Andhra Pradesh as part of the Andhra Pradesh Mahila Samatha Society's educational interventions.

Food for Thought -
25 min. / Colour / Digital Video / 2006 / English & Telugu languages / (Scripted and Directed); a documentary on CARE-India project's food security interventions in the rural areas of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Click for more info

Ismail - 33 min. / Colour / Digital Video / 2005 / English / (Photographed and Directed); documentary on the life and poetry of the Telugu language poet, Ismail-Screened in the National Competition Section of the Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films 2006. Click for further info

Pathfinders - 40 min. / Colour / Digital / 2005 / English & Telugu (Photographed and Directed); on the empowerment process of federating women's groups, as envisioned and implemented by the Andhra Pradesh Mahila Samatha Society, a Government of India project. Click for further info

We are equal - 25 min. / Colour / Digital / 2004 / English & Telugu (Photographed and Directed); on groups of adolescent girls and boys and their learning process outside and within the state education structure, through the interventions of Andhra Pradesh Mahila Samatha Society (APMSS). Click for further info

Asha Kiranam - 55 min. / Colour / Digital / 2003 / English & Telugu (Directed); on girl child education Click for further info

Rays of Light - 40 min. / Colour / Digital / 2002 / English & Telugu (Directed); on livelihood projects under Society for the Eradication of Poverty (SERP) Click for further info

The Crimson Conundrum - Factionism in Rayalaseema -- on violent practices and bomb culture prevalent in Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh, made as thesis documentary at York (shot in India edited at York). English / Colour / Digital Video - 2001 (Photographed and Directed) Click for further info

MFA Films Click for further info

Our Health in Our Hands - 27 min. / Colour / 1996 / English & Telugu (subtitled); on women's health- Screened at Mumbai International Film Festival for Short, Animation and Documentary films, Bombay 1998. Click for further info

Sound Pollution In Our Lives - 25 min. / Colour/ 1995 / Telugu. Click for further info

My Grandmother - 30 min. / colour-VHS / 1994 / Telugu Click for further info